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claimID: Manage your online identity.


ClaimID is a service that lets you claim the information that is about you online. That information is then associated with your name, providing folks an easy way to see what is and isn't about you online. In doing so, you get to influence the search engines, and provide people more relevant information when they search for you. It's time to reclaim some power back from the search engines. ClaimID is about letting you have some say in what search engines say about you.


CRADLE Seminar, April 2006 - Slides (PDF 170kB)

Cloudalicious - Watching Tag Clouds Over Time


A visualization tool for seeing del.icio.us tags stabilize over time. It can show the speed of convergence as well as cultural shifts in how we interact with our environment and each other.


Tag Decay - iConference08, Feb 2008 - #9 - Slides (PDF 176kB)

Watching Organizational Opinion via Social Tagging - iConference08, Feb 2008 - #28 - Poster Slides (PDF 424kB)


Tag Decay: A View into Aging Folksonomies - ASIS&T Annual Meeting 2007, Oct 2007 - Poster (PDF 1.7MB)

Contextual Authority Tagging


Contextual Authority Tagging is the use of folksonomies to discover and define cognitive authority through reputation within communities of users. Authority is granted by individual users to other individual users with regard to their perceived domains of knowledge via free text tags or labels. This allows discovery of at least two things, 1) which users in a group are authority figures on a certain topic area, and 2) what areas of expertise a particular user possesses. A basic proposal is laid out along with a few examples to foster communication and thought on this new distributed way to discover cognitive authority.